"Seeing the world through the eye of the camera has always been a passion. It is my permanent record of how I see people, places and nature." 


The pandemic of 2020 created a surreal world for us. Who could have imagined that we would have to shelter in place and enter a whole new lifestyle? The world around us was taken away. I opened another through my camera.


CONFINED, I ventured into our garden early each morning, mid-day and early evening. The garden became a wealth of exploration and beauty in ways I never looked at before. I even found myself staring at the water erupting from our fountain. I saw forms, patterns, and “creatures.” You can see them in the gallery “Creatures Of The Fountain.” “In The Garden Up Close,” is a macro view of flowers, insects and friendly creatures.


For 2022 my project is a photo shoot each day. The gallery is titled 2020365. At the end of the day I select one photo to represent the day’s work. You will see macro subjects, time lapse exposures, multiple exposures, abstracts, black and white and straight-up photography.